Pema Chalmers BA MA

Currently a trainee buddhist chaplain, artist and creator of children's books. Formerly a graphic designer, animator and storyboard artist.

Current Role


Pema is currently using her past illustration and design skills, along with nearly two decades of buddhist training and practice, to write and illustrate children's books.


She has also recently completed buddhist chaplaincy training with The Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group, and continues to train with Angulimala.  An organisation which trains buddhist chaplains. 

Spiritual Training and Experience


Pema is a practicing buddhist and has been a student of Venerable Ringu Tulku for nearly two decades. 


She facilities weekly meditation, mindfulness and buddhist philosophy study meetings for a Tibetan Buddhist group in West Sussex, England. 

Creative Training and Experience


Pema's creative visual training and experience started with a Certificate of Higher Education in Fine Art, a B.A. First Class Honours Degree in Communication Design and then a Masters Degree in Multimedia Design. Her commercial experience since covered all manner of graphic design, print, web, illustration, branding, corporate identity and animation projects.


Pema has worked as a freelance and employed, working within a variety of industries. Her last employed position was Creative Lead for an CGI animation and visualisation company. She have taken an active creative lead role in all stages of the design process from initial pitching, presentations and client briefing, to conceptual development, creative direction and production. She has worked with ad agencies, new start ups, medium sized companies and some of the big global brands; employed on two occasions by IBM and repeatedly commissioned as a freelancer by The Virgin Group.


Pema also helped set up a learning resource which aimed to discourage obsession and tension around food, body image and weight. Teaming up with an eating disorder psychotherapist, and drawing from her own study of mindfulness and buddhist training, this resource aimed to promotes a relaxed approach to help people make healthy choices by listening to the natural wisdom of their own body.